About Dr Adele - Your Natural Medicine 'GP'

BCOMP MED NATUROPATHY (Summa Cum Laude), BSC CHSC (Summa Cum Laude), FLT-LE, DIP CLIN NUT (Distinction), HDE (1st Class)


After high school, I went to the Cape Town Teachers’ Training College (Cape Town College of Education) and completed a 4 year Higher Diploma in Education – I specialised in Art 3rd year and Maths with Biology/Science in 4th year. So as you can see, I have always been fascinated in the balance of the LEFT and RIGHT brain hemispheres :-D.

I then traveled and worked overseas for 2 years in a variety of professions – from being an au pair to a bar-lady to an office assistant – before finally returning home to one of my passions – TEACHING!

After a year of teaching in a senior primary school setting, I then ventured into the world of computers, as technology has always been of interest to me. I studied to be a COBOL computer programmer, as well Microsoft and A+ (hardware) training – but because of my teaching background and passion, I ended up working extensively in a corporate IT training department for many years. I designed and wrote software training courses, as well as training many people in a variety of software programs.

After my first daughter was born (over 2 decades ago now), she had various allergies and health issues, which after several years of relying on allopathic (conventional) medicine, we realised that it was not helping to address her core health issues and the cause(s) of her ill health. This led me to start researching alternative, complementary, and integrative approaches, and investigating natural and nutritional medicine. When my second daughter was born 3 years later – a tiny 3 weeks prem baby, with severe lactose intolerance – this finally prompted me to officially start studying my Australian Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, to become a Nutrition practitioner. With little ones, it took me a bit longer, but I completed my diploma in 2005 and proceeded to work as a Nutritional Therapist in Pinelands for the following decade. However, as Nutritional Therapists are not recognised in South Africa, and my yearning for clinical training, diagnostic and medical knowledge grew – I felt that I was being called to go back to university to study full-time to become a Naturopathic doctor. I have been studying most of my life – I love learning and growing my knowledge for the benefit of my patients…..so through divine guidance and assistance, I ended up spending another 5 years full-time studying a double BSc degree at the University of the Western Cape’s School of Natural Medicine. After a tremendous amount of sacrifice and hard-work (by myself AND my family), I completed both of my BSc degree’s Summa cum laude and qualified as a Naturopath at the end of 2015.

I have attended Functional Medicine seminars since they started here in South Africa almost 2 decades ago, and I have trained as a Functional Medicine Lifestyle Therapist (FLT). I have delved into Hulda Clark protocols, have regular Level 3 First Aid training, and I enjoy writing articles for various publications and appearing on TV – The Home Channel, talking at various events and on radio. I am a member of the SA Society for Integrative Medicine (SASIM) and the National Secretary for the SA Naturopathy Association (SANA).

I need to give special thanks to God and my loving and devoted husband who has filled many shoes over the years. Both gave me the means, strength and courage to go back to study full-time and to fulfill my dream and passion for helping to heal and care for people as a primary care natural medicine general practitioner (GP)…..

– all IN A NATURAL AND WHOLE-istic way! ♥

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